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What do I need

You can play IRTAG without any special material. But these few tips could help you

Little tips to help you win:

Dark clothing (for example : green, black, camouflage...) it will be your best asset to remain discreet in the forest. Avoid bright colors that catch the eye and thus directly give up you position.

At a minimum you will need water. In fact, IRTAG is a sport where you are going to do exercise, and we will play multiple games

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IRTAG remains a team and strategy game. The best thing is to stay discrete during the games. You will therefore have to be able to exercise discretion in your movements.

Dialogue : the teams that communicate and manage to build a team cohesion are often those who win! IRTAG is a very good system for team building.

A good pair of shoes, to protect your ankles in the forest and allow you to move around risk free in all terrains.