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Our system doesn’t work with lasers but with infrared rays. It includes no projectiles making it harmless. However, like in all fun activities zero risk does not exist

To make the game enjoyable and to optimise the game conditions we have edited some security rules :

Wear proper clothing : a good pair of shoes will protect your ankles and long sleeves and pants will avoid the scratches due to bushes and branches.

Protective eyewear can be useful. As a matter of fact in the forest in the middle of the game there is a risk of receiving a branch or foreign object in the eyes.

Every player plays at his own pace and with fair play. The game can very quickly become quite physical(running crawling, jumping, …). You can play the way you like, calmly or in a faster paced manner.

Think of checking for ticks at the end of the day because they can be found in forests. Google will be your best friend to receiving information on tics and regarding the correct way to remove them.

IRTAG will recommend give you some possible terrains but the final choice is yours. You are the sole person responsible for the game location that you choose. We will thus ask that you select a location without any surrounding danger.

Pay attention to your footing. As a matter of fact, it’s possible that whilst playing we forget where we are putting our feet.

Check the location prior to beginning and don’t take any unnecessary risks.